Single-Patient System

Whzan is ideal for home based monitoring. Whzan telehealth is a applicable to a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. Patients quickly realise the benefits and learn to manage their condition, improving lives and saving resources. The resulting changes can be dramatic, the NHS reported savings in excess of 50% in some areas and patients' lives were transformed.

SpO2 and PulseWhzan device

Whzan supports a wide range of wireless instruments, customisable questionnaires, assessment tools, urinalysis input charts, multi-media help, video conferencing, messaging and telecare devices. The clinical user is free to allocate any combination of actions, schedules, events to the patient so almost every disease and condition can be monitored. Data is triaged on the feature rich clinical portal. Like our multi patient variant, Whzan is easy to deploy and works right out of the box.

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