Whzan Lité - Cost Free Telehealth

Significant savings can be made by getting people to manage their chronic conditions long before they start to call on emergency services. To facilitate the early application of telehealth Whzan has launched a free to use telehealth service that permits any person to record their vital signs from their own instrumentation. A simple to use web interface captures the data and operates on almost every device and browser.

You can register for Whzan Lité free of charge via the contact page.

Lite telehealth example

The history of the data can be shared with clinical professionals. Where the patient is under the care of a clinician using Whzan, then the patient data can be triaged and managed in the same way as full Whzan users.

Patient health improves with Whzan use, hence this is the ideal step down service from users with the full Whzan kit. Please contact us for more information.